S.T.E.P. Academics, Inc.

We Provide Schools with Experienced State Certified Educators who are Experts in 
Differentiated Instruction. Our Tutors are Non Judgmental, Caring, and Effective!

  • Academic Support to Title 1 Schools
  • Academic Support and Training Opportunities for Foster Care Youth
  • Juvenile Court Tutoring
  • Comprehensive Parent Training Workshops

Our multi-tiered approach provides intense support to "At Risk Students" while making use of the experience that a seasoned educator can share with teachers who are relatively new to the classroom and its diverse demands.
  • Title 1 Schools
    We contract with Title 1 Schools to provide small group instructional support during the school day and/or after school for "At Risk Students". The principal selects our services based on their schools academic  goals and objectives.
  • Juvenile Court 
    After school tutoring and summer academic enrichment  is provided for youth ages 14-17 years old. Funding is allocated for juvenile offenders of the law to receive the maximum support possible.
  • Parent Training 
    Engaging parents in interactive dialogue to obtain progressive results. Creating cohesion between parents and teachers while developing bonds between family members to provide stability and discourage challenging behaviors.


  • Lauren Fofana
    C.E.O/Administrative Director
    Atlanta, GA
    • K-12 Title 1 Schools
    • Juvenile Court Tutoring
    • Parenting Training

  • Patricia A. Diggs
    California Registered Agent
    Los Angeles, CA
    • K-12 Title 1 Schools
    • Skill Training for Foster Care Youth
    • Parent Training

  • Isaiah Fofana
    New York Regional Director
    New York, NY
    • K-12 Title 1 Schools
    • Parent Training Program

  • Winston Bryant
    Houston Registered Agent
    Houston, TX
    • K-12 Title 1 Schools
    • Juvenile Court Tutoring
    • Parent Training